Join us in Winnipeg, Manitoba for this educational and inspirational event on October 30 & 31, 2019.

The Canadian Conference on Developmental Disabilities and Autism is an annual gathering intended to bring together a range of people committed to enhancing quality of supports and services for people with developmental disabilities and autism.

Call for Papers

CCDDA provides a platform to share information, practical tools, and current research to help professionals and decision makers better support the people they serve. You have knowledge, information and best practices to share. We have a group of 550+ conference delegates who will find your presentation valuable! We invite submissions for presentations in one of the following formats:

  • Workshop or Lecture Highly-interactive sessions with a focus on learning and practical skill development. The sessions are 60 minutes long. It is expected that the audience will be engaged and encouraged to participate.
  • Video Poster A series of slides/multimedia with narration to be looped continuously throughout the conference. Approximately 5-8 minutes is ideal.
  • Poster Presentation High-quality evidence and research findings available and understandable to the audience. Printed on paper or cloth, no greater than 120 cm in width or height.

Download our information form to learn more and how to send a submission.

CCDDA presents Managing Frustration, Anxiety, and Teaching Social Skills 

Parents, teachers, educational assistants and autism support workers, here’s a rare opportunity to learn about managing frustration, anxiety and teaching social skills with Dr. Jed Baker, international autism expert and director of the Social Skills Training Project, at a full-day event March 21 in Winnipeg.

As seen on ABC World News, Nightline, and the Discovery Health Channel, Dr. Jed is an award-winning expert and author of eight books about social skills training for children and teens on the autism spectrum, preparing them for life after high school, managing meltdowns, and more.

Full details and registration information is on the Eventbrite page. Seating is limited so register early to ensure you have a spot!

City of Winnipeg Skyline at duskWinnipeg Skyline, Credit: William Au