Stu Law, Learning Systems Development Specialist, High Sierra Industries fullsizeoutput_1095

Stu has dedicated his life to developing inductive learning systems and assembling learner profiles to inform growth in valued directions. He has worked as a Precision Teacher, serving the needs of learners in academic areas, and has worked with both children and adults across a wide range of skills and abilities for roughly 10 years. He is a senior student at the University of Nevada, in the Behavior Analysis program, where he studies and researches relational operants in the hopes of guiding the field of Applied Behavior Analysis towards person-centred, functional ways of thinking about complex human events.

Session: Behavioral Assessment – What Does it Mean to be Human?

Historically, behavioural assessment has been from an eliminative approach. Eliminative approaches to assessment focus on barriers to typical functioning versus on a descriptive account of the person in that specific context at that particular time. The descriptive view of a person is equally compatible with a behavioural approach. The I Strive assessment was developed by HSI/WARC from 2014-2017 and is designed to look at the totality of a person’s skill sets from the time of their birth to the time of their death. I Strive is based on applied behaviour analysis, behavioural philosophy, and is strongly influenced by precision teaching and relational frame theory.  The domains of the assessment as well as specific data of over 60 participants per item will be reviewed and discussed in the context of current theoretical approaches to providing supports to people with disabilities, such as person-centred planning, dignity of risk, and person-first language.