The Canadian Conference on Developmental Disabilities and Autism is an annual gathering intended to bring together a range of people committed to enhancing quality of supports and services for people with developmental disabilities and autism. The conference celebrated 25 years in 2017.

fall parkKildonan Park, Credit: John Slipec

2018 CCDDA Committee Members


  • Joyce Douglas – Principal, St.Amant School, St.Amant
  • Michelle Everton – Senior Manager, Corporate Services, St.Amant

Committee Members

  • Laura Bees – Team Leader, St.Amant
  • Brendan Boehr – Coordinator, Clinical Education and Training, St.Amant
  • Colette Brodeur – Supervisor, Administrative Support Services, St.Amant
  • Amanda Campbell – Senior Manager, Service Delivery, St.Amant
  • Charmayne Dube – Director of Services, New Directions
  • Brent Epp –  Consultant, Student Services Unit, Government of Manitoba
  • James Kelm, Residential Coordinator at FASD Life’s Journey
  • Jennifer Kilimnik – Acting Director, Human Resource Services, St.Amant
  • Kristina Kircher, Manager, Corporate Education, St.Amant
  • Nicole Kirouac – Nurse Consultant, St.Amant
  • John Leggat – President & CEO, St.Amant
  • Kristen Maddison – Coordinator, Emergency Foster Services, St.Amant
  • Toby Martin – Director, St.Amant Research Centre
  • Ayodola Olomola – Support Worker, St.Amant
  • Leslie Udell – Staff Development Facilitator, Winnserv
  • Andrea Winnemuller – Social Worker, St.Amant

The Committee is also grateful for the support and expertise of its advisors and ad hoc members.