The Canadian Conference on Developmental Disabilities and Autism is an annual gathering intended to bring together a range of people committed to enhancing quality of supports and services for people with developmental disabilities and autism. The conference celebrated 25 years in 2017.

Committee October 31 2018

2019 CCDDA Committee Members


  • Laura Bees – Team Leader, St.Amant
  • Michelle Everton – Senior Manager, Corporate Services, St.Amant

Committee Members

  • Brendan Boehr – Coordinator, Clinical Education and Training, St.Amant
  • Colette Brodeur – Supervisor, Administrative Support Services, St.Amant
  • Joyce Douglas – Principal, St.Amant School, St.Amant
  • Charmayne Dube – Director of Services, New Directions
  • Brent Epp –  Consultant, Student Services Unit, Government of Manitoba
  • James Kelm, Residential Coordinator at FASD Life’s Journey
  • Jennifer Kilimnik – Acting Director, Human Resource Services, St.Amant
  • Kristina Kircher, Manager, Corporate Education, St.Amant
  • Nicole Kirouac – Nurse Consultant, St.Amant
  • Toby Martin – Director, St.Amant Research Centre
  • Toby McCrae – Communications Specialist, St.Amant
  • Ayodola Olomola – Support Worker, St.Amant
  • April Plett – Administrative Assistant, St.Amant
  • Erin Thompson – Coordinator, St.Amant
  • Leslie Udell – Staff Development Facilitator, Winnserv

The Committee is also grateful for the support and expertise of its advisors and ad hoc members.