fullsizeoutput_106aKEYNOTE & PRESENTER: Al Condeluci, CEO, CLASS – Community Living And Support Services
For the past 45 years, Al has been associated with CLASS, a full-service non-profit organization supporting people with disabilities. Al serves as a consultant, collaborator and, lectures extensively around the country. He has been particularly active in looking at best practice aspects in disability services and the shift from micro-services to macro approaches.

Keynote: Imagine the Power and Potency of Social Capital

All of us are interested in a better community where all people have an opportunity for accessible and affordable homes, jobs or meaningful daytime opportunities and lifestyles of their choice.  In spite of our many years of work on this goal, the outcomes in this area are still not satisfactory for people who are vulnerable due to disability or other compromises.  Many of these vulnerable people and their families find themselves in isolated situations with limited options for friendships and important social relationships. This presentation takes a close look at the reasons why our systems have not been more successful in these goals, defines and delineates the concept of social capital, and offers a community building perspective designed to shift the culture to be more inclusive and supportive to all people.

Session: Imagine a Community Where Each Belongs Parts 1 & 2

Related to the morning keynote, this session will be an interactive and deeper look at strategies and actions for building inclusive communities.  The four key steps of building social capital will be explored and examined and participants will have the opportunity to develop a blueprint for action. In addition, we will examine ways and means to sustain the effort over time.