fullsizeoutput_f05Alysha Farrell, Assistant Professor, Brandon University

Alysha is passionate about working with others to tell stories through drama that challenge social marginalization and open spaces for self-advocacy. She’s taught in the public school system in Manitoba and worked as an educational consultant for the Manitoba School Improvement Program to support youth-driven social justice projects. Currently, Alysha works with students to critically examine the stories we inherit about others and the stories we tell about ourselves.

Session: Storytelling as Advocacy: Acting Out to Build More Inclusive Organizations and Communities
This session will focus on the power of storytelling through drama as a practice of self-advocacy. Participants will explore how the arts can expose and challenge oppressive understandings of disability in relation to commonplace activities. This session will offer strategies to those who are interested in working together to flip the script on bodily normativity in their communities, schools or organizations.