fullsizeoutput_effAndrew Gurza, Disability Awareness Consultant, @andrewgurza

Andrew is a writer, podcast host and an accomplished voice on the intersectionality of queerness and disability. His written work has been featured in Los Angeles Times, Men’s Health, Daily Xtra, Gay Times UK, Huffington Post, The Advocate, Everyday Feminism, Mashable, Out.com, and several anthologies. He has guested on a number of podcasts including Dan Savage’s Savage Love and Cameron Esposito’s Queery. He is the host of DisabilityAfterDark: The Podcast Shining a Bright Light on Sex and Disability.

Session: What Service Providers Need to Know About Sexuality and Disability

This session is an intersectional look at sexuality and disability, and will introduce you to some of the emotional realities of being sexually active and disabled. Using Andrew’s personal and lived experience of disability, the presentation will also explore disabled people’s complicated relationship with service agencies and providers especially when bringing up sexuality and disability. Most importantly, this session will look at the essential things service providers and agencies need to know about the lived experience of sex and disability.