Andy Chavez, CEO and co-founder, BehaviorMe fullsizeoutput_10c9

Andy is CEO and co-founder at BehaviorMe, a startup merging virtual reality and behavioural sciences for the greater good of mental health care. Prior to co-founding BehaviorMe, Andy ran an experiential marketing startup and was project manager for two award-winning design and build creative agencies based out of New York City. Andy instils creative thinking and business processes in an attempt to recognize scalable and sustainable opportunities across all fields of thought, industry, and populations.

Annie Escalante, Behavior Analyst and co-founder, fullsizeoutput_10cbBehaviorMe 

Annie is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and a co-founder of BehaviorMe, a virtual reality company producing simulations to teach safety skills. She has experience working with children and adults with autism and developmental disabilities in a variety of environments including clinics, schools, and group home settings. Her passion lies in the intersection of technology and innovative approaches to clinical applications.

Session: VR for Autism and Direct Care Planning

Virtual reality (VR) has the potential to tap into a varied amount of teaching opportunities within limitless environments and settings. If programmed correctly, VR simulations will have the potential to assess and teach a diverse and varied set of behaviours and contingencies, in a safe, controlled and effective manner. Many studies within neighbouring fields have demonstrated its effectiveness in assisting individuals with anxiety, phobias and PTSD but the literature is limited in showcasing its use in teaching new skills. This presentation will discuss the use of VR in teaching and assessing within simulated settings and will also describe potential paths for virtual reality in differing contexts and situations.

* This session is an approved Behavior Analyst Certification Board Continuing Education Credit, worth 1 CE.