Angela Taylor: CEO, Inspire Community Outreach fullsizeoutput_108d
Growing up as a child with disabilities, she is now a caregiver of children with diverse needs and continues to research and fill service gaps within our community. Angela has a BA, Post Bacc in Education (inclusion), and graduates with her Masters of Disability Studies in fall 2018. She has been providing support to families for nearly 20 years in Winnipeg, within both mental health and social services.

Session: Supporting Exceptional Families 
This session will feature a discussion of best practice research about family-centred practice, reviewed and adopted by families that include children with differences. How can we support, empower, and encourage children who have neurological and intellectual needs, within our increasingly limited resources? How can we engage meaningfully with their caregivers? Specific communication tools to improve trust and safety in relationships with families, from introductions, extended to transition planning. An invitation to gain understanding and perspective directly from a family narrative, from a researcher who grew up as a child with disabilities and who raises children with diverse needs, within the services we provide.