fullsizeoutput_104fCaitlin Buchel, Speech-Language Pathologist

Caitlin Buchel is the owner of Buchel Speech & Language Group, a private speech-language pathology (SLP) practice offering services throughout Manitoba. Her practice treats people of all ages facing various speech and language disorders, with her personally focusing on stroke and acquired brain injury rehabilitation, the management of communication difficulties related to neurodegenerative disease, as well as the treatment of voice and voice disorders. Her treatment of voice disorders includes comprehensive assessment, the development of individualized treatment plans, vocal hygiene training, and use of various vocal behavioural techniques as well as amplification to address voice difficulties and disorders.

Session: Finding Your Healthy Voice
Our voice is a crucial part of our identity and our ability to communicate at home, school and work. We often don’t realize the importance of our voice until we lose it. Maintaining good vocal hygiene is one way to protect your voice and your valuable ability to communicate. Vocal hygiene involves creating good voice habits that reduce the risk of developing voice problems and addressing them if they occur. This discussion will cover a number of vocal hygiene habits, useful in home and work environments, which can reduce your risk of voice difficulties and disorders. It will then highlight steps that you should take, if despite taking a proactive approach to vocal hygiene, you begin to encounter problems.