Cara Milne, Instructor 

Cara is the award-winning author and owner of M-Powered Planning Ltd, a Calgary based business  fullsizeoutput_f03that promotes positive and valuable roles for people with disabilities. The variety of workshops and seminars encourage staff and families to see the strengths of their existing services, and simple strategies that create positive changes in the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities. Cara’s positive and energetic approach supports both common sense and sustainable change.

Session: How to Encourage Dignity and Responsibility
How do we build up dignity? Cara will examine the significance of supporting genuine contribution and real responsibility in order to help people succeed. The conversation will include the consequences of what happens when we unintentionally get in the way of people connecting to the communities that surround them. You will also learn to try not to pass that crayon.

Session: Cara’s Top Ideas for Community Building

This practical session will focus on a variety of ways we can build up communities for people who are vulnerable. Cara will focus on examples of each idea – and the first steps for these practical opportunities in community building. Real conversations around barriers and challenges will help staff feel prepared to come away from this session with an idea that “just might work!”

Session: Supporting People with Disabilities in their Homes and Neighbourhoods

This workshop will explore the important shift from people being a guest, to belonging at home and in their neighbourhoods. There will be a focus on supporting vulnerable people to find meaning, connection, responsibility and ownership right where they live. Stories and examples around supporting people with mealtimes, hosting and connecting with neighbours will leave staff equipped to build community at home!