Carolyn Klassen

Carolyn O. Klassen has completed a Master of Arts degree in Marriage, Family, and Child Counselling in Fresno, California.  She also has a degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Manitoba. She is a therapist and director at Conexus Counselling in Winnipeg.

She believes that fundamentally, all of us are wired for connection, and that meaningful relationships have tremendous healing power. Carolyn taught for many years at the University of Manitoba, speaks widely and writes about aspects of connection, including a book and a weekly conversation with Hal Anderson on 680CJOB. She loves lattés, family suppers, sun porches, and watching her sons play sports.


Session 1: Honoring the loneliness of the journey

When working or parenting in challenging environments, trying to be respectful of confidences of others, and very, very busy in our world that is increasingly isolated, people find themselves lonely in a world that doesn’t always allow people to acknowledge the struggle and, well, the loneliness of being lonely. Sometimes, very busy people who are around others all the time find themselves feeling lonely. This workshop will create space for people to acknowledge and honour their own loneliness, and explain some factors that create and increase loneliness as well as explore some first steps towards a life that is less lonely.

Session 2: Vulnerability, Shame—Mentioning the never mentioned

Brené Brown’s TED talk about shame and vulnerability went viral almost a decade ago. She gave us permission and language to talk about the universal experience of shame, the inevitability of vulnerability and yet our desire to avoid both at all costs—and often that cost is high. This workshop will review the myths of vulnerability, the four self conscious affects, and how knowing these can transform the way we interact with ourselves and the world.