Bio Picture (2)Charlie Appelstein, Instructor, @charlieap

Charlie is a youth care specialist and author whose focus is on teaching positive, strength-based theories and techniques to professionals who guide at-risk children and youth. He trains and consults primarily with treatment facilities, foster care associations, parent groups, schools, and juvenile justice programs. Charlie’s strength-based approach delivers a message of hope and possibility to our most vulnerable youth and those who shape and influence their lives.

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“No Such Thing As A Bad Kid!” Parts 1-3
Strength-based practice is an emerging approach to guiding at-risk children and youth that is exceptionally positive and inspiring. It begins with the belief that every young person has or can develop strengths and utilize past successes to mitigate problem behaviour and enhance functioning. This presentation will highlight some of the key principles and techniques of this transforming modality. Areas covered include: What is strength-based practice & the power of a positive attitude & culture; the effects of trauma and positive emotions on the brain; strength-based communication principles and techniques – including reframing, using solution-focused questions, positive predicting and inspirational metaphors; self-esteem building & activities for at-risk children and youth; how to help cognitively inflexible young people; and a host of creative cognitive behavioral strategies.