Chris Beesley, CEO & Board Secretary, Community Living Ontario  

Chris began his role as Chief Executive Officer and Board Secretary of Community Living Ontario in June 2013. His commitment to the Community Living movement began in 1994 with the birth of his son, Mitchell, who was born with an intellectual disability. Chris served on various committees with Community Living Toronto, his local association, and served on their Board for nine years. Before coming to Community Living Ontario, he was the Executive Director of an adult literacy network organization serving Toronto and York Regions, and he is currently on the board of Community Literacy of Ontario.

Session: Building and Maintaining Collaborative Relationships with Families

For over the last 10 years, Community Living Ontario has worked on the best way to walk with families on their journeys. Learn some of the things that are helping families to be resilient, visionary and collaborative in their efforts to support their loved ones to live good lives of inclusion and contribution in their communities.