Katarina Lee

Katarina Lee received her BA in Philosophy from the University of Dallas, her MA in Bioethics from New York University, her JD with a concentration in Health Law and Bioethics from the University of Minnesota and her post-doctoral clinical ethics fellowship from Baylor College of Medicine and Houston Methodist Hospital. Katarina is currently a Clinical Ethicist at St. Boniface Hospital and the Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba’s communities of service as well as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Manitoba.

Session: Changing the Lens: The Value of Suffering in the Disability Context

Katarina Lee will discuss a history of philosophical teaching regarding suffering as well as current perceptions of suffering. The main purpose of this presentation is to invite individuals to think about suffering differently. Katarina will present on positive values such as resiliency and innovation that can be achieved through suffering and how perceptions greatly impact one’s view of suffering. This session will also focus on definitional restraints of suffering and the appropriate use of language, particularly focusing on a shift away from burden language.