Lisa Morrisseau & Russ Hilsher, Speakers VV_intro_jpg
Lisa has learned a lot about herself and FASD through raising her three children. She enjoys telling stories of the challenges she has faced within health and education systems in a humorous and engaging way. Lisa says, “we all struggle, but we all struggle a little more or a little differently.”

Russ is a prominent voice in the FASD community and has taught many different groups including police officers, service providers, caregivers, teachers, and students. In sharing his story, Russ talks about the challenges he has faced with mental health and addictions and the support he needs in his life in order for it to be successful.

Session: Visions and Voices
Visions and Voices is a program within Touchstone (Initiatives for Just Communities Inc.) that supports individuals with FASD to share their stories of hope and struggle. This workshop features two speakers from Visions and Voices who will reflect on their experience navigating multiple systems throughout their lives, such as health, education, and justice.