Marie Antaya 

Marie Antaya is an international speaker, author of four books, and educator in a variety of subjects including business communication. Marie has shared her expertise with clients in private, non-profit and public sector organizations leading numerous program and course development projects. Using her combined experiences, Marie designs and delivers informative, practical workshops tailored to the audience’s needs. Presently, Marie is a board member with Plain Language Association International. Also, she is a Certified Training and Development Professional

Session: Take Charge of Your Time and Priorities

Have you ever asked, “What have I done today?” Do you start your day with high hopes of getting things done and then leave work feeling as if you didn’t accomplish anything? The key to achieving your priorities lies in managing yourself in relation to time and events. Recognizing the importance of the control you have in relation to events will give you the power to set priorities and to manage your time and yourself in order to achieve those priorities. In this interactive workshop, you will learn strategies for gaining control of the events that compete for your professional and personal time.