Michael Clausen

Michael currently serves as a volunteer member of a Human Rights Committee, and has been supporting organizations to improve the quality of their services since 2002. His experience includes direct support, case management, community outreach, and extensive experience supporting people with mental health and forensic support needs. As a Quality Enhancement Specialist/Canada Liaison with The Council on Quality and Leadership, he currently works with organizations in the US and Canada to provide the very best services for people they support through accreditation and staff development.

Session: Building an Effective Human Rights Committee

Everyone has rights! All people have the same rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and The U.N. Declaration on Rights. Human Rights Committees play a critical role in upholding and protecting the rights of people served by organizations, but despite the importance of these committees, many organizations struggle to maintain a committee that is anything more than a rubber stamp. In this workshop, we will explore best practices and provide tools and resources to build and support an effective and diverse Human Rights Committee, the scope and role of these committees, how to maintain a robust membership, and how to support people served to participate.