Michael Kendrick 

Michael J. Kendrick PhD. is known for his extensive work for more than forty years as an independent international consultant in human services and community work. His work as an advocate, activist, teacher, evaluator, consultant, writer and advisor has involved him in many of the key leadership issues of the day. He has worked with governments, service organizations, advocacy groups, professional bodies, service providers and small community groups in many countries. He has an interest in ethical leadership, service quality, the creation of safeguards for vulnerable persons, change strategies, social integration, innovation, advocacy, social ethics, alternatives to bureaucracy, personalized support, and reforms in human services.


Session: Understanding and Addressing Vulnerability in Adult Home Sharing Arrangements

Many jurisdictions support the use of adult home sharing situations often because these living arrangements are relatively inexpensive compared to other residential options. These arrangements are often described as akin to “adult foster homes” or “board and care” homes. This session will examine the nature of the vulnerabilities that exist in these models for the person or persons with a disability that may live in such situations. It will also describe the kinds of safeguards that could potentially offset such vulnerabilities and the limitations and constraints involved in putting these into place.