Patti Chiappetta, Executive Director, Innovative Life Options

Prior to becoming Executive Director at Innovative Life Options, she worked with the Province of Manitoba for over 25 years in a number of management positions. Patti’s passion, enthusiasm and work in supporting choices, independence, community living, rights and equality, brought her to ICOF and LIFE.

Laurie Miller,  Senior Resource Coordinator, Innovative Life Options

Laurie has been with Innovative Life Options for 18 years and has been very active in the disability community. She loves her role because of the people she meets and watching people live the lives of their choosing. She believes a very strong skill she has is her ability to advocate for employers of ICOF-it is where her true passion lies.

Michelle Pinette, Innovative Life Options

Michelle Pinette has worked for Innovative LIFE Options Inc. since 2006 most notably with a number of individuals with intellectual disabilities and their support networks within the In the Company of Friends funding model. Michelle has also been a part of a support network bringing a well-rounded perspective to the importance of relationships and the benefits of support network development. Michelle graduated from the Disability and Community Support Program through Red River College and has worked in a variety of capacities within the disability field. Michelle’s passion lies in inspiring and assisting people with intellectual disabilities, their families, and their friends to work together toward a common vision of a good life.

Session: Relationships & Support Network Development – An Innovative Approach

This session will be highly interactive, discussing the importance of relationships, focusing on support network development and sharing tools and best practices. There will be information about the evolution of support networks and practical skill development regarding person-centered, support networks and innovation. Conference registrants will be engaged around the topic of relationships, friendships and support networks.