Peter Leidy, Consultant, @peterleidy fullsizeoutput_f2f

Peter has been learning from elders and people with disabilities since 1983. He is a speaker, facilitator, songwriter, and improviser who focuses on personalized supports and community membership. Peter is also an associate with A Centre for Conscious Care, based in Ontario, and works part-time with the Council on Quality and Leadership.

Session: Whose Life Is It, Anyway?
This session looks at power, control, and decision-making in support relationships. Is a person being assertive, or “non-compliant”?  In what ways can we choose power with rather than power over?  When a person is “placed” in a home she had no choice about, when a 51-year-old woman is told by her 24-year-old staff person that it is time for bed at 8:30 pm, when “outings” are scheduled only twice a week for a very active young adult – it raises questions like “Who is making the choice here?” “Who gets to decide?” “Whose life IS it, anyway?

Session: Shoulder to Shoulder: Valuing and Celebrating the Important Work of Direct Support Professionals
In a field prone to low pay, low status, and high turnover, we need to embrace the importance of truly valuing and honoring the people providing day-to-day support. The work is critically important. Direct support professionals have a lot to say about what’s necessary to keep them committed to, and engaged in, their work. Are we listening? This session will challenge, inspire, and make you laugh.