Randy Antonio 

Sergeant Randy Antonio has over 30 years of experience in the field of Law Enforcement, the last 25 with Winnipeg Police where he is currently the Supervisor of Research and Development Unit, Organizational Development and Support Division. In addition to his full time role, Randy is also the Ground Search and Rescue Coordinator for the City of Winnipeg and a member of the Disaster Management Response Team (MIRT). Involved in volunteer SAR for 20 years, he is the founder of both Winnipeg Search and Rescue Volunteer Association and Project Lifesaver Manitoba. Randy also serves as the Manitoba Coordinator for the AdventureSmart SAR programs and is the SARVAC representative to the SAR Incident Prevention Working Group.


Andrée Huberdeau

Patrol Sergeant Andrée Huberdeau has been a police officer for over 20 years. She is currently a supervisor at the Winnipeg Police Service Training Academy and deeply values education, whether it be for new recruits or experienced police officers.  Andrée has an eighteen year old son on the autism spectrum and is particularly passionate about mental health and disabilities training.


Session: Interactions with Vulnerable People:  A Police Perspective

Do you wonder what goes through the mind of a police officer when they respond to someone with a disability? Have you ever worried about the right time to call 911? Do you feel uncomfortable or uncertain when asked by the police to divulge personal information about an individual that you support? Do you have other questions related to police support in the disability sector?


Members of the Winnipeg Police interact with the community on a daily basis. Their clientele are extremely diverse and possess a wide range of skills, challenges, and communication abilities, and most interactions have the potential to be highly stressful scenarios in which communication is a significant and complex challenge. In this session, members of the Winnipeg Police Service will discuss their experience working with vulnerable populations, and they will share their personal insight and professional expertise in response to questions from the audience.