Roger Stancliffe

Session 1: End-of-Life Research and People with Intellectual and Developmental Disability

People with an intellectual disability have the right to know about dying, but few have opportunities to understand or plan for end-of-life. Roger will report on the first controlled research findings measuring the psychological effects of extended exposure to end-of-life conversations.

Session 2: Retirement and People with Intellectual Disability

More and more adults with an intellectual disability are now living beyond the average retirement age. This session looks into research findings about transitioning to retirement from paid work, and beyond.

Session 3: TEL: A Free Online Resource on End-of-Life and People with Intellectual Disability (ID)

This workshop will present an overview of how to teach people with ID about end-of-life. The session will focus on a demonstration of a free online resource featuring short videos with real people with ID, and disability support staff.


Dr. Roger J. Stancliffe is an Australian researcher in the intellectual and developmental disability field. He leads the Disability Services stream at the University of Sydney’s Centre for Disability Research and Policy.