Rosalyn Howard

Rosalyn Howard, MA is a seasoned facilitator, consultant, speaker, and adult educator, with wide and deep experience. She takes a positive, collaborative, strengths -based approach through her business hct Howard Consulting & Training. She works with local and national organizations like governments, universities, professional associations, and NGOs, focusing on change management, strategic planning, leadership skills, facilitation skills, and team effectiveness. She also is a municipal councillor in her lakeside community of Dunnottar, Manitoba.


Session: Navigating Change: Awareness and Action

Many people today are dealing with changes in the workplace, because of new mandates, roles, technologies, processes, systems, structures …or many of these at once! That can be both exciting and challenging. How you navigate your changes will have an impact on you, your colleagues, and your clients.

People have a range of responses to changes – eager, supportive, hesitant, unwilling, and sometimes just confused. All these responses are normal, and the more you understand, the better you will feel. This session will help you manage change more effectively. It will take a look at the dynamics of change, including typical impacts on the people involved. It will provide some ideas and tools for you to use to take charge of your change process, so you will feel more confident and competent.