Sexuality Panel – Dr. Reece Malone, Baden Gaeke Franz and J Fiedler

Session: Conversation About Sexuality, Gender, and People with Developmental Disabilities

This panel discussion on sexuality and gender expression invites participants to be present during a mindful conversation about the importance of understanding gender expression and sexuality preferences for all people. Gain insights into how to respectfully and effectively support people in identities and choices.

Dr. Reece Malone is the CEO and lead trainer and supervisor of Diversity Essentials. He is a certified sexologist and holds a Masters degree in public health and holds  doctorate in human sexuality. Dr. Malone is a certified sexuality educator and supervisor through the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists, and a Florida state certified sex therapist.

Baden Gaeke Franz is an autistic self-advocate and the Manitoba chapter president of Autistics United Canada: a grassroots organization by and for autistic people. They have presented to Manitoba government clinical staff, consulted on accessibility legislation, and wrote documents for the United Nations.

J Fiedler is a social worker from Detroit, Michigan. While in Detroit they worked in case management with people living with HIV/AIDS and youth development through bicycle mechanics and advocacy. Since immigrating to Canada in 2016, J has been facilitating workshops on sexuality as part of the team at SERC.