What is the CCDDA?

The Canadian Conference on Developmental Disabilities and Autism (CCDDA) is the largest annual Canadian conference that focuses on issues related to people diagnosed with an intellectual or developmental disability and autism. This conference is a premiere learning opportunity for professionals that directly support, teach, or provide health and clinical services to people and their families.

Why sponsor the CCDDA?

This is your opportunity to reach a large audience connected to disability issues in North America. Connect and share your expertise about your company’s products and services with administrators, professionals, and educators.

With an attendance of over 750 delegates, this is the perfect opportunity to meet and interact with new people and increase your brand recognition. It is also an opportunity to promote yourself as a business or organization that supports the rights of people of all abilities.


Our goal is to make your experience at the CCDDA as valuable to you as it is to us. The opportunities listed in this document are fully customizable. Please contact Danny Ali at DAli@stamant.ca or 1-204-258-7050 to further discuss.

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