St.Amant Ethics Committee

The St.Amant Ethics Committee members are from a wide variety of roles and program areas.  The role of the committee is to support the Mission and Values of St.Amant by increasing sensitivity to ethical issues that may arise in day to day operations. One of the principal functions of the committee is to provide a forum for discussion of specific case reviews.  Members of this committee have a commitment to the advancement of ethics.  All members are expected to have completed WRHA Level 1 ethics or equivalent within their first year of membership.


Session: Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll – The Ethics of Pleasure

A nickname for the lifestyle of rock stars and hippies, this phrase was born in 1950’s and 60’s by youth and young adults who were pushing up against society and their parents.  They wanted things to be lighter, more exciting and less rule driven.  As time has moved on the phrase still has meaning: freedom, fun, pleasure-seeking are a few terms that come to mind.

For the purpose of this discussion, members of the St.Amant Ethics Committee will present a couple of scenarios designed to encourage  participants to engage in a facilitated conversation on the topic of dignity of risk/informed risk especially with regards to lifestyle choices.