Zoe Quinn, Video Game Developer, Writer & ArtistAuthor Zoe Quinn

As a teenager, Zoe suffered from depression and was diagnosed with the condition at the age of 14. She has described receiving little sympathy or assistance from school district officials and says they were “less than understanding about teens with depression and suicide issues”. At the age of 24, Quinn moved to Canada and made her first foray into video game programming. Her first game was the result of a six-week course on video-game creation that she attended after seeing an advertisement in a newspaper. Zoe developed the interactive fiction Depression Quest and in 2014, a blog post by her ex-boyfriend sparked the Gamergate controversy, in which Quinn was subject to extensive harassment.

Session: Social Media Engagement with Self Protection

Zoe discusses her experience in detail from her perspective, giving a picture of the social web both as a place where a weird, queer, socially isolated kid from the sticks could make a home and start a career – and where that same person could suddenly have their life turned upside down by a gleeful, hateful and disturbingly persistent mob. She will share the tools she gathered to protect herself and others from negative online engagement.